About Mappler

Mappler is a web-based program that uses interactive mapping to help illustrate and demonstrate projects and programs to a broad audience. Mappler Mobile is a mobile-based program that combines the portability of a smartphone with the ease-of-use of the Mappler application.  Mappler can be developed for almost any field ranging from health, environmental, K-12 education, to planning and much more.  Mappler and Mappler Mobile can be used separately or in conjunction with each other and both do not require software downloads to develop, manage or view the site. The application can range from basic (point data entry) to highly customized (projects where users can digitize, upload and download shapefiles with spatial analysis functions) based on the needs and scope of the project. Mappler utilizes Google Maps API and makes interactive mapping affordable and easy to use.

With minimal basic training, Mappler and Mappler Mobile can be used by anyone with any technology skill set. Elementary school students to professionals have used our programs with ease to demonstrate their research and projects. Text, photographs, videos, audio and documents such as PDFs or Excel files can be uploaded to each data point so viewers can read and interact with each location. Upon receiving basic training, VERTICES staff can continue to support and work on the project or the project website and interactive map can be managed by the client with minimal support.
Once the Mappler site is created the project can be viewed by clients, communities, the general public, or privately based on the needs of the project. All of the project data can be featured at each location point on the map and spatial relationship can be explored. Viewers can simply click and become engaged with the map to learn more about each point in an easy to understand format.
Countless users can be added to the Mappler site so that new data points can constantly be generated by public participation. Each new user can be monitored by the administrator and have restrictions on what information is added and adding or deleting points. This is a way to keep the projects ever relevant and up-to-date. It is also the perfect way to keep clients and the community constantly engaged and aware of the project.