Availability of health and health care information is vital to today’s society. Having up-to-date resources about contagious diseases, health care availability, and emergency information is invaluable and necessary. Our goal is to make health care information accessible and easily understood so the general public can make educated decisions. It is also important to us that our clients can begin to see and investigate trends from seeing their data spatially depicted so they can begin to solve health care problems.


IMNashville was developed to promote collaboration between academic and community partners  to improve the health status and eliminate health disparities among the residents of Nashville/Davidson County. The site includes interactive maps, charts and graphs, and community assets. It explores disparities such as cancer, HIV/STI’s injury, and cardiometabolic illnesses. IM Nashville Youth Violence Interactive Maps can be viewed by clicking below:

Youth Arrest Density – youth arrest density map from 2006-2008 (ages 18-24): kidnapping, assault, robbery, homicide, and domestic assault

e-healthmapNJ is an interactive map of health related facilities and services throughout the state of New Jersey. This data is combined with NEw Jersey public transit data – interactive maps such as this can be used by individuals wanting or needing to use public transportation to receive medical care. It is especially useful for individuals without access to vehicular transportation or individuals living in urban communities.

Emergency preparedness is vital for any densely populated urban community, especially New York City. In order to address emergency preparedness, VERTICES developed an emergency preparedness map that indicates ferry stations, hurricane evacuation sites, transportation routes and stations, and civic centers (i.e. schools, health care facilities, fire stations, police stations, and other community centers) used for evacuation purposes among other relevant and important points and locations throughout the city. This map can be used by city officials and community members to analyze how prepared the city it, areas where the city is lacking in facilities and evacuation sites and plans, as well as transportation stations and routes that are vital for evacuation purposes but need to be updated or restored.

Woodbridge elementary school students and their families took part in an audit which focused on creating safer routes to local schools while also logging the distance they covered with pedometers and promoting town walkability

  • Healthy New Brunswick

Mapping healthy food choices for New Brunswick, based on community paticipatory GIS. All restaurants, grocery stores, and other eateries were rated based upon the healthy options they provided to customers.

A project created to help lower the childhood obesity rate in Garfield, NJ by hosting events, offering health and nutrition counseling, and learning more about the problem through the use of interactive maps.

  • St. Peters Hospital (Physician Information System)
  • New Jersey Poison Information Education Systems Intranet Application