Mappler Mobile

Data Collection Solutions

Mappler Mobile is a customizable smart phone-based community participatory mapping application  that enables community members to map amenities and concerns. Mappler Mobile can be used by organizations or individuals who have an existing Mappler (community mapping site) account with an assigned user ID and password. VERTICES provides web site development and management services that provide access to all data mapped using Mappler Mobile, Mappler, as well as layers imported from other sources.

Visualize and Customize

With Mappler Mobile you can:

  • Develop and manage an interactive map and mobile data-collection app for your business or organization.
  • Display pre- existing data on an interactive map and upload real-time data directly from your Smartphone
  • Add text, file attachments, photos, videos, audio and more to your map points
  • Customize the way that your data is displayed and share your interactive map with colleagues and clients via the internet