Environmental modeling, data visualization, field-data collection tools, data analysis, web portal development

Mapping applications and advanced spatial analysis tools are useful in environmental conservation, but most are only available to technically-trained professionals. Mappler Mobile technology makes investigating and researching the environment easier. Collecting and sharing data, observations, and knowledge is possible for students, professors, and specialists when using our tools.

Pollution Monitoring:

Galveston Bay Pollution Monitoring Map

In 2014, Vertices and the Galveston Bay Action Network collaborated to create a pollution monitoring app for the Galveston Bay.  This app allows members of the public to contribute to local conservation efforts by reporting water pollution incidents using their smartphones or tablets.  When a user uploads a point, an email alert is automatically sent out to the proper authorities based on the type of pollution and the municipality in which the incident occurred.

New Jersey Highlands Council Interactive Mapping:
NJ Highlands Council Interactive Map

The Highlands Council is regularly maintaining the information in its databases and GIS layers in order to maintain the quality and timeliness of the data.

Watershed Conservation:
IMRivers Web Portal for watershed organizations 
National River Network Map

Sustainable Municipalities Certification Web Portal:
Sustainable Jersey
Sustainable Maryland