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IM Nashville Community Health Informatics
IMNashville was developed to promote collaboration between academic and community partners  to improve the health status and eliminate health disparities among the residents of Nashville/Davidson County. The site includes interactive maps, charts and graphs, and community assets. It explores disparities such as cancer, HIV/STI’s injury, and cardiometabolic illnesses. (Community Asset Map, Youth Homicide Map, Youth Arrest Map Query, Youth Arrest Density)

e-healthmapNJ is an interactive map of health related facilities and services throughout the state of New Jersey. This data is combined with New Jersey public transit data – interactive maps such as this can be used by individuals wanting or needing to use public transportation to receive medical care. It is especially useful for individuals without access to vehicular transportation or individuals living in urban communities.


GIS in Public Health Blog
Google Maps and Google Earth has given new meaning to public health professionals who need to utilize GIS as part of their daily research activities. With many available functions via Google Maps API, and ability to be customized and extensive street data layers with aerial photographs available with geocoding and routing functions, researchers can utilize for disease surveillance, data collection, and data visualization.