Historic Preservation
Closter, New Jersey
Mappler technology can aid local, state, and regional initiatives to preserve history, heritage, and tourist attractions. Our technology provides people with an ability to connect to their surroundings and to preserve and share valuable historical information.

Housing Assessment
Indianapolis Habitat for Humanity
Identifying boarded homes, vacant properties, Habitat For Humanity projects, and overall property statuses.

New Jersey Agri-Tourism
Visit NJ Farms
New Jersey is home to some of the most beautiful farmland and hard working farmers in the region. And, on many of those diverse farms, there are things to do and learn that the whole family would enjoy. It is what we call agricultural tourism, or agri-tourism in New Jersey. There are many opportunities for affordable, family-oriented recreational and educational activities where visitors can learn about the production of food and agricultural products and the state’s rich farming heritage while helping to encourage the preservation of agricultural lands.

NY Restroom
NY Restroom.com
Have you ever had trouble finding a restroom in New York City? Well, I have. One day, I asked myself, “Do I really have to buy a bad cup of coffee just because I need to use a restroom? If I had to buy a great tasting coffee, I wouldn’t mind…” That’s why I decided to create this web site. You can find a list of restrooms in the city or post your great tip for finding one. Have fun. I hope this site helps you when you really need it most.