Interactive Map — Energy

Vertices LLC proudly presents a new daily map for this week. This interactive map includes energy production and consumption on a state level for the United States. There are three different graphs that may be looked at which include, Total production (Population Adjusted), Total Consumption (Population Adjusted) and Consumption less Production (Population Adjusted). Each of these maps have population that is divided by 1,000 and have energy in trillion BTU’s in order to make easier, more readable numbers for the graph. These three maps help show what impact per person is taking place being that certain states each person has more of an impact on the environment or that certain state are deficient in creating energy for its own citizens.

For larger map details on the project, please visit the Energy website.

Energy Production and Consumption-
Map: State Level
Year of Data: 2010
Graphs: Total Production (Population Adjusted)
Total Consumption (Population Adjusted)
Consumption less Production (Population Adjusted)
Source: EIA.Gov
MapplerX site: Energy
Data Mining: Yun-Ah Park, Keith Gibson
Map Making: Keith Gibson

Interative Map — Traffic Fatalities

As a part of the new daily maps project we at Vertices, LLC are creating maps of controversial data for the public to view. This data is an interactive map that has data information for the fifty states within the United States. This data is Traffic Fatalities Per 100 Million Vehicle Miles, which includes the rate and the rank. The rake is is fatalities divided per 100 million vehicle miles and the rank is the order put from least to greatest.

For larger map details on the project, please visit the Traffic Fatalities website.

Traffic Fatalities-
Map: State Level
Year of Data: 2007
Source: Census.Gov
MapplerX site: Traffic Fatalities
Data Mining: Yun-Ah Park, Keith Gibson
Map Making: Keith Gibson

Interactive Map – Bike Safety Audit in New Brunswick, NJ

In March of this year, Dr. Wansoo Im, an adjunct faculty member at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers – New Brunswick, and the students enrolled in Community Mapping, worked to map bike safety in New Brunswick. The class entailed designing a community mapping project, engaging the community to find out what they through of bike safety in New Brunswick, an audit of the community, and an analysis of the data found. For full details on the project, please visit the RUBike website.

Interactive Map – Barry (MI) Conservation District

VERTICES, LLC working in conjunction with the Barry Conservation District has mapped the Thronapple Watershed in Michigan with relevant data about the watershed and the conservation district itself using Mappler X, a VERTICES interactive mapping product. To view the full map, click here.