Interactive Map- Maryland Living Resources

Here comes another daily map from Vertices LLC. Today’s data is about Maryland and the Living Resources. Taken from the DNRWEB website this data is very helpful to show the location of one of Maryland’s major economic drivers, sea food but that is not all. There is also other information on living resources for example the wide and extensive conservation network that spans the entire state. Feel free to click and explore the many choices that are available for this data set.

For larger map details on the project, please visit the Living Resources website.

Maryland Living Resources-
Map: Maryland
Year of Data:2008-2012
Graphs: Biodiversity Conservation Network
Maryland Amphibian Reptile Atlas
Maryland Bay Bottom Survey
Natural Oyster Bars
Oyster Repletion Data
Sensitive Species Project Review Areas
Shellfish Santuary and Reserve
Yates Oyster Bar Boundries

Source: DNRWEB
MapplerX site: Living Resources
Data Mining: Yun-Ah Park, Keith Gibson
Map Making: Keith Gibson