Community Mapping

What is community mapping?

Community mapping aspires to bring communities together by offering tools to aid in managing their interests.  It allows participants to become more aware of their surroundings because of goals they have set for themselves.

The RU Safe? project unifies the Rutgers University community by tackling issues of safety on campus. Many students on the campus feel as though there are certain times of night and specific places of isolation that make them feel vulnerable. RU Safe allows these students to analyze their concerns using a tool known as Mappler, which is used to map out community based projects that tackle a number of issues. Mappler, allowed students to walk around the New Brunswick campus with a group of people and map out areas of vulnerability point by point.

This project helped students gain prospective on community mapping and the involvement and participation of this process produced a sense of social responsibility among students as well as the confidence that was acquired at the end of this event.