African American Historic Sites

Trenton Central High School - Built in 1932, the Georgian Revival style brick school building is monumental in scale, with a central colonnaded portico and bell tower.

In August of 2011, the Trenton Historical Society along with Richard Grub and Associates, Inc. with funding from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a Division of the Department of State, generated a draft titled: “Survey of African-American Historic Sites: City of Trenton-Mercer County, New Jersey“. The collaborators sought to research and formulate an informative draft survey of important African American Historic Sites within the city of Trenton. The draft shows 34 different sites which played roles in Trenton’s rich African American history. Along with the research done by Richard Grub and Associates, Inc., Trenton Historical Society looked to community members for support and knowledge of possible historic buildings and landmarks. The community outreach plan was executed through local media outlets, social media and interviews with community leaders. Community members were also able to add to the process via an online survey on the Trenton Historical Society’s website.

Head over to Trenton Historical Society’s website for more information on how you can help in the continual efforts to grow Trenton’s African American History.

Text and Photos courtesy of: Lyons, Jennifer B. “Survey of African-American Historic Sites City of Trenton Mercer County, New Jersey.” (2011)

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