Shiloh Baptist Church

Shiloh Baptist Church is the city’s oldest African-American Baptist congregation.
The first groups of Black Baptists were formed in the city around 1880, with Shiloh
formally organized in 1896. The congregation did not have a church building until
1902, when a one-story building was constructed on Belvidere Street, at the rear of
the present church lot. In 1918, a new stone edifice was constructed on Calhoun
Street. Four years later, an adjacent house was purchased and converted for use as
the Trenton Colored Day Nursery, which in 1929 reportedly provided childcare
services to approximately 350 children monthly. The program was one of only five
in the state in 1932. Shiloh Baptist has had only three pastors since 1904.

Reverend John A. White (1870-1952) became pastor of Shiloh in 1904; he was a founding member and the first president of the Trenton branch of the NAACP, formed in 1913. After White retired in 1946, Reverend S. Howard Woodson, Jr., became pastor. Woodson was a leader in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, serving as president of both the Trenton and State chapters of the NAACP. Woodson also served on Trenton City Council and in the New Jersey Assembly. Shiloh Baptist Church has a museum and archival collection that chronicles the history of both the church and the larger African-American community in Trenton.

Address: 340 Calhoun Street, Trenton, NJ 08618

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