Cuban Giants’ Fields

The Cuban Giants were the first African-American professional baseball team.
Organized in 1885 in Babylon, New York, the Cuban Giants called Trenton home
from 1886 to 1889. During 1886, the team played its games at the Chambersburg
Grounds; in later years they played at the East State Street Grounds and at Hetzel’s
Grove. The team was crowned the Colored Champions in 1887 and 1888. In
1889, the Cuban Giants played in the Middle States League. The following year, the
team left Trenton, playing at various locations around the country; however, it
occasionally returned to play games, including a July 1899 match against the local
YMCA team. The 1899 season was the team’s last. Other African-American
baseball teams played in Trenton during the late nineteenth and early twentieth
centuries, but the Cuban Giants were the best-known and most successful. It is no longer extant.

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