Dr. Henry J. Austin House

Henry J Austin House located at 96 Bellevue Avenue

Dr. Henry J. Austin was a Black physician and community leader during the mid-twentieth century. Born in 1888 in Rahway, Austin was raised in Princeton and graduated from Lincoln University in 1908. Austin earned his M.D. from Howard University in 1919 and returned to Trenton to practice medicine in 1922. In addition to his successful career as a physician in the African-American community, Austin served as a leader in a number of local organizations. In 1941, the Trenton chapter of the NAACP was reorganized with Austin as its president; Austin was serving as the chapter’s president in 1944 when the landmark Hedgepeth-Williams school desegregation case was decided. His home is located at 96 Bellevue Avenue and currently, a health center in his name serves the community of Trenton and is located at 321 North Warren Street. The property at 96 Bellevue Avenue is currently for sale.

Address: 96 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08618

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