The history of Trenton’s schools is not only relevant to the Black community of Trenton, but relevant to the entire country. The namesakes of a middle school, Hedgpath-Williams School, located in Trenton was the subject of the important court case Hedgepeth and Williams v. Board of Education, Trenton, NJ (1944). The court case adjudicated the precedent for Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas (1953) which ruled that a school district may not refuse to admit or assign students to public schools on the basis of race. One of the main purposes of the original case involving the Berline Williams and her son Leon Williams, prominent African American attorney Robert Queen as well as Gladys Hedgepeth and her daughter Janet Hedgepeth, was to attempt to challenge the “Seperate but Equal Case” Plessey v. Ferguson (1896). For more information on the Hedgepath-Williams case, visit:

From left to right: Berline Williams, Attorney Robert Queen, Leon Williams, Gladys Hedgepeth, Janet Hedgepeth

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