Junior High School #2 (Hedgepeth-Williams School)

In 1943, Junior High School #2 was a white school within the Trenton Public Schools’ segregated system, and the Lincoln School served the community’s African-American children. In that year, two African-American mothers, Gladys Hedgepeth and Berline Williams, attempted to enroll their children in their neighborhood school, Junior High #2. The Trenton School Board denied the request, and the women filed suit, with local NAACP attorney Robert Queen litigating the case. In January 1944, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the public schools could not deny enrollment based on race. The decision served as a legal precedent for the United States Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision. Hedgepeth and Williams were subsequently admitted to Junior High School #2, and about 200 other African-American students also transferred from the Lincoln School to formerly white middle schools around the city. In 1946, white students began enrolling in the Lincoln School. The school adopted Hedgepath and Williams and it is now called The Hedgepath-Williams School.

301 Gladstone Avenue

Address: 301 Gladstone Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08629

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