St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

Established in 1703, St. Michael’s Church in downtown Trenton, New Jersey, is the founding parish of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. Its present building located at 140 North Warren Street was built between 1747 and1748 and was renovated in 1810 and 1847 to 1848,. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 29, 1982 as St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. Its congregation, now a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey, has involved itself in the history and culture of the city of Trenton from its founding in 1703 to the present. St. Michael’s was organized as a parish in 1703 in Hopewell Township. A Church of England building was erected on “Breese Farm” in 1704. In 1708 the parish was gifted with articles from Queen Anne of Great Britain.

In 1801, St. Michael’s was host to the first General Convention of the Episcopal Church and the site where the delegates ratified the 39 Articles which created an American Episcopal Church which was part of the Anglican Communion, yet not subject to oaths of loyalty to the British crown.

Notable in more recent history is the voluntary racial integration of St. Michael’s in 1955 through merger with the African congregation of St. Monica’s Parish, occasioned by the Episcopal Church Women of their respective congregations. Through the end of the millennium at least St. Michael’s parish has remained integrated with respect to race, national origin and language.

In 1973 St. Michael’s became a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. In 2006 St. Michael’s Church was awarded a $50,000 grant for an architectural feasibility study due to the history of the building and grounds.









Address: 140 N. Warren St, Trenton, NJ 08608

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