The Delaware Inn

Located in Trenton's South Ward, known as 'Lamberton', the Red Tavern, later known as the Delaware Inn, was among the most popular stop offs for raft-men carrying timber down the Delaware.

Eligible to be listed in the NJ and National Registers of Historic places, the Delaware Inn was built during the late 1700s and early 1800s when it was common for timber to be moved by raft down the Delaware River from upstate New York to Philadelphia. The raftmen invariably made an over-night stop in Lamberton (now part of Trenton’s South Ward), where several inns were established to accommodate this traffic. Of these, the Red Tavern, later known as the Delaware Inn, was among the most popular. With deforestation and the increased popularity of railroad transportation, the river was used less for transporting logs and the inns suffered. In 1891, the Trenton Brewing Company, owned by the Kuser family, was built on the adjacent property and the Delaware Inn was taken over for the brewery offices. During World War II, Champale was manufactured at the plant and the site prospered until December 31, 1986, when it closed. The brewery was demolished in 1998 but the Delaware Inn was spared. Vacant and neglected, this riverfront structure is an ideal candidate for re-use.


Address:1024 Lamberton Street, Trenton, NJ 08611

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